Commercial Diving

Lakeshore Towing performs a variety of underwater services with our experienced commercial dive team. Video inspections, underwater welding and burning, and ship repair are all in a day’s work for our divers. We also provide maintenance and dredging services for many our municipal water system customers, including water intake cleaning, basin cleaning, and tank inspections.



  • 4 fully equipped vessels for towing, salvage, and diving
  • Surface-supplied air for divers with 2 backup air supplies
  • Helmet-mounted video system with topside monitor
  • ROV (Remote Operated Vehicle) Underwater Inspection System
  • Full voice communications between divers and surface
  • Diver hot water system for cold temperature operations


  • Meet or exceed OSHA, Coast Guard, and AWWA  standards
  • Accredited for commercial assistance and professional towing
  • Employee drug testing program
  • Captains licensed by the US Coast Guard
  • Employees trained in first aid/CPR or EMT


  • Worker’s compensation for divers
  • Longshoreman’s and Harbor Worker’s Act
  • Maritime employer’s liability (Jones Act)
  • Contractor’s liability
  • Commercial auto liability
  • Towers and salvors liability

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